Sunday, July 26, 2009

Roll out the barrel: bringing wine onboard

Like many, I like to bring wine on board when I cruise: some for cabin use, some with dinner in the dining room. Different lines have different policies, though, as to what you are officially allowed to bring on. Unless consumed in your cabin, they will all officially charge a corkage fee for drinking it in the dining room. Officially being the operative word in both cases and oftentimes randomly applied.

Below is a link to my list outlining each major line's policy. It is in scroll mode so you'll have to use your mouse to scroll down to read it in its entirety. Please keep in mind this is taken from their websites as of July 26, 2009. In some cases your actual ticket or contract may say something different. I'm no expert but if push came to shove over a disagreement while boarding I would imagine the ticket I carry - the official contract between myself and the cruise line - would be the final word.

As different as every line's policy is is the way in which these policies are applied. Some people talk of bringing more than the official amount on board, either in carry-on or in checked luggage. Others talk of having wine confiscated and held until the last night of the voyage if they're over the official limit. Some successfully bring wine on board at ports of call while others have it held until the end of the voyage. I've witnessed both happen, sometimes on the same ship but in different ports. Sometimes corkage will be applied every night, sometimes it's more hit and miss.

Please remember the attached is taken directly off their websites. I would welcome comments from all as to what your experience has been. Just click on "comments" below to post. I think this would be very valuable for everyone and help guide others in their decision.


How much wine for which line?

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