Monday, July 13, 2009

Where do old cruise ships go to die?

"TOPAZ" at Kobe Port Terminal of the...Image via Wikipedia

Just came across this site with pictures of a couple of old cruise ships, in the hands of ship breakers in Alang, India. One of the ships, the Topaz, originally sailed as the RMS Empress of Britain with Canadian Pacific Steamship. In later incarnations she also sailed with Carnival as SS Carnivale. Maybe some of you remember her?

The other ship, the SS Maxim Gorkiy, was originally supposed to sail this year as SS Marco Polo II but sadly was sold for scrap instead.

If you're not familiar with ship breaking, you should check it out. It's fascinating - and disturbing - on many levels and shows like 60 Minutes have done some great stories on it.

Cruise ship breaking in India

You'll need to scroll down the bottom for the pictures.

They also sell items salvaged from cruise ships on the beach of Alang, India. Interesting site to look through.

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