Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My new netbook: I think I'm in love...

So here I sit on this sunny Canada Day, outside on my deck, birds tweeting away, cold drink at hand and my lovely little netbook on my lap, blogging away. Unlike my laptop which overheats as soon as I turn it on, this little beauty is as cool as the day is not. I LOVE this thing.

I've had mine for a couple of days and don't know how I lived without one before. The possibilities are endless especially when cruising. Surfing and writing away on the balcony while my husband's getting ready. My husband checking out the Canucks' scores while I'm getting ready. All without having to leave our cabin, assuming it is wifi equipped.

Then there is the issue of photos. Try as we might, we've never gotten around the issue of having to pay the ship to download pictures from our camera. Even bringing our own CD's doesn't solve the problem. We've still been charged. No more. Now we can just download them for free, at our convenience, to the netbook. And with a 160GB hard drive we'll be downloading them into the next millennium.

I know. There are those who will say the idea of taking a holiday is to get away from everyone and everything. But for those of us who like to stay in touch, share pictures, check the news, write, or just be digitally connected they're a great little toy to take along. No more paying to download pictures or videos. No more going back and forth to ship Internet cafes, hoping a computer is free.

As for brand, after doing all the comparisons and researching online I settled on an HP Mini. I'm sure others will have their own brand loyalties but when compared side by side with an Acer its features were identical. In the end the slightly larger keyboard size of the HP won me over. I hadn't realized how cheap they were or how light. You can take these puppies anywhere and that is exactly what I will do on our next cruise in October when I will be blogging live from the Zaandam.

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