Friday, June 26, 2009

Cruise ship detained in New York City due to hull damage - or can you pronounce "Reykjavik"

The Associated Press

NEW YORK - A cruise ship carrying 848 passengers from Iceland is being detained in New York Harbor after a routine safety inspection detected a small hole in its hull.

A U.S. Coast Guard team discovered the damage , plus 16 other minor deficiencies , on the cruise ship Oceanic on Thursday. It found that about a gallon of water per hour was leaking into the vessel.

Chief Petty Officer Russ Tippets said Friday that's "a very small amount."

The Coast Guard determined the damage occurred after the ship left Reykjavik (RAY-kyah-veek), Iceland, on June 19 but before it arrived at its port of call in New York.

Tippets says it's expected the hole can be repaired before noon Saturday. The same passengers are set to depart then for their final destination, Venezuela.

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