Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cruising and those we leave behind: furry, feathered, finned or otherwise

This post is in honour of one of my cats, Katie, who has taken ill over the past couple of days and has occupied most of my thoughts. A couple of vet visits and several hundred dollars later we only have a tentative diagnosis of a hernia. This will likely require surgery and she is not a young cat.

And what does this have to do with cruises? Well, the health of my cat, nothing really. But my having a cat or having pets in general has a lot to do with cruises. It is always something you have to consider. Who do you trust with your precious companions while you're gone?

My delight in booking a cruise has oftentimes been hampered by the fact I have to find someone trustworthy to look after my two cats. I used to have a wonderful neighbour who I trusted implicitly. I would come home to two very healthy looking cats accompanied by a daily log of their activities while I was gone. Maybe a bit over the top but I always knew they were well looked after.

Then she took ill and I had to find someone new. I found someone on a recommendation who seemed okay when we met. Obviously more of an animal person than a people person but that was okay 'cause she was looking after our cats not us. We came home after a wonderful 14 day cruise to two extremely bloated, puffy cats and a tersely written lecture on her disapproval of our cats' diets. Judging by their looks and her note, they had been subjected to the feline equivalent of a 14-day junk food binge.

I have finally found someone again I trust and we have come home from our last couple of cruises to two very healthy looking cats. They're mad at us, of course, but that is usually short lived. I can once again book a cruise, or even a quick weekend away, without worrying about who will look after them.

And to any of you who have read and understand this all, please send your best wishes to Katie for a speedy recovery.

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