Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome to my Blog

When I walked down the gangway the last time as a crew member, I swore I would never, ever take a cruise in my life.

Well, never say never. Some years later my husband suggested going on a short cruise out of New Orleans, since we were going there on holidays. Despite horrible weather throughout most of the cruise on a ship that was a bit tired and had seen better days, I haven't looked back since. Several years and many cruises later, I still never tire of entering a port on embarkation day and seeing the ship I’m about to board.

I’m fortunate enough that I have my own business at home with no one looking over my shoulder. When I need a break, or my hands get tired, or it’s rainy out or maybe I just really don’t feel much like working, I check out cruises. I check out different itineraries, different prices, different lines. I go on to cruise forums and see who's posted what. If I have a cruise booked - which I invariably do - I check out cruise roll calls and see if anybody’s posted something new.

I never thought it would happen but I am totally addicted to cruising.

So instead of killing time just aimlessly surfing on all things cruise related, I’ve decided to start a cruise blog. All the goods things, annoying things (can you say “chair hogs”), things on which people are divided (to tip or not for room service), deals, cabins, lines, itineraries, ports, excursions. Maybe even go back into my past life as a crew member - I will gladly answer any questions anybody might have!

I hope this will be an interactive site. Despite working in the purser’s office of a ship for almost three years, I have learned a ton of information mostly from others online.

So welcome to my first posting of my first blog!


  1. Hi Koolforkatz

    I run the Virgin Holidays Cruises blog and I was on cruise critic forums and came across your blog. I can see that you've just got started but I like your style. I would like to offer you the chance to write a guest article on my blog. It can be on any cruise subject you like and should be under 700 words. If you're interested email me on so we can discuss it further. Just to be clear, there's no money invloved just more exposure for you and your blog and something interesting for my vistors to read.

  2. Hi Koolforkatz
    I said the same thing about Cruising; the worse thing I’ve ever said. I’ve been doing it since 1977, yes it was on the love boat; “Sun Princess”
    The prices are cheaper now than the 70’s The last one I was on was from Victoria to Hawaii. It was great until they ran out of certain foods. It was my first time on a repositioning cruise; never again.
    I’ll pay a extra couple of bucks for a normal cruse. I’ll always get a balcony. Have you ever seen the inside suites? I’ve seen bigger dog kennels.
    All that aside, Cruisin’ is the best way to go. The best one I went on was from Victoria to Puerto Rico (21-days) The Panama Canal is a must. I think the next one will be South America $$$
    Well I’m glad you and your Hubby had a great time. Cheers’ Dave

  3. Thanks for your comment, Dave. I agree, pricing is cheaper than the 70's and despite a lot of nickel and diming, you still get more for your money than back then. 21 days! That sounds nice - hopefully we can take a nice long cruise like that, too! Adn you're right - the Panama Canal is definitely a must see. Cheers :)